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Coaching with Robyn Howisey

Be kind to yourself.

Your body is a temple

and you are the Goddess

that resides within it. 

- Poetic Peach

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Making peace with your body

I help women make peace with their bodies, reset their relationship to food, and reclaim themselves, without restriction, guilt or sacrifice.

Women in Bodysuit


I Get Your Struggle


Like so many women, from a young age I absorbed the cultural messages that my body wasn't good enough and needed to be a certain size and shape to be beautiful and worthy.

I spent most of my youth and adulthood on one diet or another, one "healthy eating" plan to the next. Beating myself up emotionally, feeling shame and guilt around so many aspects of my relationship with food, buying clothing, exercise... All.Of.It. Motherhood further continued a cycle of putting myself last and disconnecting from my confidence, body and health.

Milestone birthdays compounded complex feelings about aging and appearance. I knew there had to be a better way. And that's where my own work and healing began.

I am a BARE Certified Coach and a licensed psychotherapist. I bring my skills and knowledge of the mind-body connection as a therapist, the motivation and tools of a coach, and my own lived experience to support you towards connection, confidence, movement, acceptance.

I'm here to help.


Our work will help you identify and unpack a lifelong history of messages about your body and worth. We'll get you off the rollercoaster of dieting and food rules, we'll reconnect you with your innate wisdom of your body and intuition, make space for YOU - all of you -  and help you step into the life and choices you desire. This is an awakening and returning to yourself, to self love, confidence, acceptance, and the vibrant beautiful being you are. 

My coaching style is warm and direct, placing emphasis on creating a non-judgmental open space. 


In our work we will:

  • Unwind your history of dieting and negative body messaging

  • Detox your physical environment and mental space

  • Embrace pleasure and joy in your life

  • Learn to love your body with movement and stop the punishment

  • Reset your relationship with food

  • Curate your closet for the beautiful being your are

  • Make peace with your body and age - find acceptance, love, appreciation

  • Reconnect to yourself and your innate wisdom. 

  • Speak the truth of your heart.

Ready to connect? Have questions?  I'd love to work with you.

Email me at or book a complimentary consult session with me. If you don't see a workable time available, let me know and we can schedule directly. 




I adore my clients. The beauty of this work is that transformation happens on multiple levels. And often in areas you don't expect. 


Robyn's BARE work will make your life better! She does a great job of helping you take back control of what you can control in your life with empathy and compassion. I was apprehensive about doing some of the work - it seemed like more than I wanted to deal with, but with Robyn's gentle guidance and patience the work got done and I have more time and space in my life. Some of the work we did together wasn't even on my radar and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to reflect and correct some things that were taking up a lot more energy than I realized. I feel more confident and more peaceful. Thank you so much, Robyn.

Have Questions?
Let's Chat!

Feel free to email me at

or book a time to talk. 

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