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About Robyn

My journey with my body has been a bumpy one to say the least. I didn't realize just how much I had bought into diet culture and body messaging until I started to step back and look at it. I have distinct memories of comparing myself to other girls starting in elementary school. Trying various diets nearly constantly, some were under the guise of "healthy eating" and some definitely not. The "lifestyle changes" never seemed to last long enough. 

As I started to peel back the layers it saddened me how long I had spent disliking and punishing my body. Being unkind to myself in the mirror. How much time and energy I had spent trying to make it different. Opportunities and experiences I missed out on (like doing Atkins while studying abroad in Bali, home of delicious rice and fruit. good grief!) because I wanted or was trying to be smaller. It all came at a cost - losing my enjoyment of cooking and baking, becoming detached from my own body signals of what it needed and wanted, hating shopping for clothing. Milestone birthdays and changes in my skin, face and body added to the complexity of how I felt about myself.

Clearly so much time dieting and beating myself up emotionally wasn't working and wasn't the answer. My own work and healing led me here, in the space to help others. I am a BARE Certified Coach and a Body Positive Facilitator in training. 

I have my Masters in Psychology and professionally I've spent the last 15+ years as private practice therapist in Seattle, WA. I've had the honor to help kids, teens and adults with depression and anxiety. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington State. I created this coaching business to be able to follow my passion of helping women anywhere in the world. In the near future I have visions of facilitating body positive curriculum in elementary schools to help children learn to love and accept their bodies, and the bodies of others, at a young age. 

In my personal life I love spending time with my daughter and husband, playing with my sweet black lab, cooking, boating, fishing, gardening, and enjoying delicious meals without guilt or rules. 

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