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Our work will help you identify and and unpack a lifelong history of disliking your body and hiding in clothes, we'll get you off the rollercoaster of dieting and food rules, we'll reconnect you with your innate wisdom of your body and intuition, make space for YOU - all of you -  and help you step into the life and choices you desire. This is an awakening and returning to yourself, to self love, confidence, acceptance, and the vibrant beautiful being you are. 

My coaching style is warm and direct, placing emphasis on creating a non-judgmental open space. 


In our work we will:

  • Unwind your history of dieting and negative body messaging

  • Detox your physical environment and mental space

  • Embrace pleasure and joy in your life

  • Learn to love your body with movement and stop the punishment

  • Reset your relationship with food

  • Curate your closet for the beautiful being your are

  • Make peace with your body - find acceptance, love, appreciation

  • Reconnect to yourself and your innate wisdom. 

  • Speak the truth of your heart.

Ready to connect? Have questions? I'd love to work with you. Feel free to email me at or book a complimentary consult session.


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